Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Texas security guard arrested in armed road rage incident

screen shot 2017 08 07 at 6 00 53 pm Lancaster Man Arrested In Armed Road Rage Case

LANCASTER, Texas Aug 9 2017– Lancaster Police say that a security guard involved in an armed road rage caught on camera has been arrested.
Police said Joseph Sida, 49, of Lancaster, was arrested for deadly conduct.
Sida is employed as a security guard. 
He has been booked in the Tri-City Jail for the alleged road rage incident that happened on Interstate 35E.
The other driver told police the man in a silver 2016 Nissan Versa had been driving aggressively and erratically, so she pulled up alongside of him to get a shot of him.
“At first I was shocked, then I started crying,” said she. “It’s a scary feeling.”
Police tracked down Sida with the video Best provided.
She said she was headed to work at DART in Dallas when this happened.

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