Friday, August 4, 2017

Man threatens security guard with gun at medical clinic in Dearborn

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Dearborn MI Aug 4 2017 A 20-year-old Detroit man was arrested July 28 after he threatened a security guard with a gun at Dearborn Medical Clinic, 15401 Warren Ave.
Police responded to the clinic on a report of a man with a gun just after 7:30 a.m.
The security guard told police that on July 27, the man entered the clinic and asked to see a doctor. When the guard informed him that the doctor was no longer seeing new patients, he verbally threatened the guard before leaving the clinic.
The next day, the man returned to the clinic and started yelled obscenities and threatened to use a gun that he had on him.
The man then pulled up his shirt up to reveal a black handgun tucked into his waist. A witness in the clinic confirmed the guard’s story, according to a report.
After fleeing the area on a bike, police found the man unarmed riding near the area of Warren and Payne. As police were interviewing him, officers found a black handgun in the alley north of Warren between Yinger and Coleman.
The man admitted to having a verbal altercation with the security guard, but denied having a gun. A background check revealed the man had one prior conviction for armed robbery.

He was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. 

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