Friday, August 4, 2017

Convicted rapist found working as armed security guard at Rape Counseling Center

News video: Convicted rapist working as security guard arrested

Fresno, Calif Aug 4 2017 . - Last Thursday Fresno Police got a tip that 40-year-old Damon Rodgers, a convicted rapist, was working security at Rape Counseling Services in Fresno and illegally had a gun.
"He was followed down the street and ultimately pulled over by ourselves and units from the Southwest Policing District. Mr. Rodgers was cooperative. He was removed from his vehicle and was in possession of a loaded firearm," said Israel Reyes of the Fresno Police Department.
Rodgers who was convicted of rape and attempted rape in 1998, is now in jail and charged with being a felon in possession of a gun.
"Well my first reaction was wow and obviously our concern was obviously rape counseling services provides services for victims who have been sexually assaulted and then you have an individual who is a convicted sex offender for rape and attempted rape working at their facility. The optics on that are really bad," said Reyes.
Fresno Police Investigator Israel Reyes says if it wasn't for a tip from the public officers would've had no idea what was going on.
"I don't think we would've found out he was carrying a firearm, he was current on his annual registration and by all indications he was a compliant sex registrant,"  said Reyes.
Rape Counseling Services hasn't responded to our request for an interview, but investigators say the business works with an outside security company and had no prior knowledge of Rodgers.
"As far as we know there were no victims who were ever disturbed by Mr. Rodgers, but again it's something where an individual like that should not be working at that center," said Reyes.

Rodgers remains in jail and his being held on a $386,000 bail.

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