Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tulsa security firm offers free armed security during picnics, family events privateofficer.com

TULSA, Okla. July 11 2017
A local security company is working to help keep minds at ease after a recent shooting.
Starr Protective Services says they will offer free armed security services for all family outings, picnics and reunions where children are present.
The move comes after a shooting at a community softball game in north Tulsa left two dead.
Jason Starr of Starr Protective Services says when he heard the shooting had many people in fear of even going to events now, he knew he had to do something.
Right now, they have a handful of security officers participating.
They hope more security companies will jump on board to help.

If you are interested in services, you can find them on Facebook, through email Starrprotectiveservices.com or by phone 918-984-0909

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