Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Raleigh’s PNC Arena adds explosive dogs to security team privateofficer.com

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RALEIGH, N.C July 11 2017 Visitors to Raleigh’s PNC Arena will see explosive-detection dogs at the venue beginning Tuesday.
The Carolina Hurricanes and Gale Force Sports & Entertainment entered an agreement with K2 Solutions, Inc. to bring the dogs to the arena.
The Southern Pines-based company will begin using its Person-Borne™ explosive detection dogs at the PNC Wednesday for “The Total Package Tour,” featuring New Kids on the Block with Paula Abdul and Boyz II Men.
“Our guest experience is our utmost priority,” said Don Waddell, president of Gale Force Sports & Entertainment. “The canine teams will enhance our safety and security measures already in place and help ensure guests feel safe while attending events at PNC Arena. We are excited to partner with K2 due to their experience and highly regarded credentials.”
K2 uses Labrador retrievers and other sporting breeds.
The dogs will search the PNC area and guests as they enter and exit the arena.
K2’s dogs are trained to smell explosives on a moving person, the company said.
The PB-EDD canines are trained to detect the chemical scent trail of explosives on a moving person. The Department of Homeland Security recently awarded the “SAFETY Act Developmental Testing and Evaluation Designation Seal” to K2’s PB-EDD Technology.
“K2 is excited to partner with PNC Arena and the Carolina Hurricanes in serving their guests,” said K2 CEO Lane Kjellsen.

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