Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Porterville police shoot woman armed with knife inside store

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PORTERVILLE, Calif. July 12 2017 Police responded to a report of a woman acting erratically and waving a knife that the 99 Cents Only Store.
Upon arrival, the woman later identified as Carmen Buttram, 18, refused to drop the knife and would not cooperate with officers.
Police eventually was forced to shoot the woman.
The Porterville Police Department has stated that the woman is receiving care and has been stabilized at a trauma center.
Police said previously that the officer shot her in a confrontation inside the store while she was holding a knife and acting erratically.
Police say when the officer tried to tell the woman to drop the knife she refused and told the officer that he "would have to shoot her." Police also say the officer feared Buttram would harm a customer.

Police say Buttram was hit on both sides and fell to the ground, dropping her knife.

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