Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Naked man shot with stun gun, catches fire during arrest

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MANITOWOC WI July 19 2017 A naked man was shot with a stun gun three times, and caught on fire during his arrest in Manitowoc Sunday.
Police say they were called to the 1100 block of S. 25th Street and Hamilton Street when they encountered a 33-year-old man standing naked in the intersection, making violent comments. The man appeared to be under the influence of drugs and or alcohol, police say.
According to police, the man was eventually handcuffed after police found out he had warrants out for his arrest out of Two Rivers.
As the officer attempted to place him in the patrol car, the man began to fight with officers and somehow during the struggle, the man was able to pick up a lighter.
Police shot the man with a Taser stun gun. The probe from the gun punctured the lighter, creating a spark and starting the man's beard and chest hair on fire.
As officers attempted to put the fire out, the man punched one of the officers in the face, police say.
The man continued to fight with officers and was shot with a stun gun a second and third time.
The police report goes on to say the man was still combative even as emergency medical crews tried to tend to the man's burns. The man was eventually transported to the hospital.

Manitowoc police say the man was arrested on an outstanding warrant, battery to a peace officer, disorderly conduct and lewd and lascivious behavior.

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