Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Mass. brothers arrested for assaulting security officers privateofficer.com

SALISBURY MA July 11 2017 – Two Merrimac men have been ordered to stay away from Surfside 5 after they reportedly fought with a bouncer outside the Salisbury Beach oceanfront bar Saturday evening.
Timothy Rezza, 25, and Taylor Rezza, 21, both of 56 Birch Meadow Road, were arrested at 9:17 p.m. and charged with disorderly conduct and assault and battery. Timothy Rezza was also charged with resisting arrest.
At their arraignments in Newburyport District Court on Monday, the brothers were released on personal recognizance but banned from the bar until their cases are resolved. They are due to return to court Aug. 10 for pretrial hearings.
Taylor Rezza went before Judge Peter Doyle sporting a large bandage on his face along with bruises and cuts. His brother appeared to have sustained no visible injuries.
Police officers Jeffrey Greene and Corey Brumfield were patrolling Salisbury Beach on foot Saturday evening when a Surfside 5 security officer ran over to them and said there was a fight outside the bar, according to a police report.
Upon their arrival, police saw the Rezza brothers fighting with one of the security guards. Police broke up the fight and took the brothers into custody.
Taylor Rezza had cuts when he was arrested and was taken to Anna Jaques Hospital for treatment. Timothy Rezza was brought to the Salisbury police station for booking but not before putting up a fight with police officers.
Timothy Rezza pulled away from police as they tried to handcuff him, according to Greene's report. He then began throwing his arms around, prompting police to force him to the ground.
Police spoke to security officers at the bar who said that Taylor Rezza started fighting with another patron when one of the bouncers at the bar stepped in.
The bouncer was able to control Taylor Rezza but then was attacked by Timothy Rezza, who stepped in to aid his brother. The bouncer was checked by police and his wounds were consistent with the story he told them.


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