Friday, July 14, 2017

Marion County Florida deputy takes his own life

MARION COUNTY, Fla July 14 2017-- Many in the Marion County Sheriff's Office are heartbroken over the loss of one of their own.
Adam Rendall, a deputy who served the county since 2004, took his own life Wednesday afternoon.
Sheriff Billy Woods spoke to the community Wednesday via a video posted to the sheriff's office Facebook page after deputies responded to the scene.
"I made you a promise that I would come to you any time anything happened here," Woods said in the video. "So you could hear from my mouth what's going on here at the sheriff's office. Earlier today, our agency experienced a tragedy that I personally want to let our citizens know about."
Woods said Rendall worked on patrol in various areas of the county and no doubt those that he met couldn't help but appreciate his big personality.
According to The International Association of Chiefs of Police, more law enforcement officers die by suicide than are killed in the line of duty each year.
Officers are at a heightened risk of suicide because of being exposed to violence, suicide, depression, mental illness, access to a firearm and more.
"There's a fear among police officers if they come forward that maybe other people find out about it maybe they'll be put on desk duty," said Judy Broward, Chair of the Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition.
Broward's son, Brett was a police officer who died by suicide 14 years ago. She believes her son developed PTSD while on the job.
"It's hard to prevent something you can't openly talk about," she said.
The sheriff's office is still investigating why Rendall took his own life.
"I know that those who knew him will be looking for answers, comfort, and peace to assuage their sadness. I pray we can all find that comfort we will need," Woods said.
There are different hotlines available for those who are in need or are contemplating suicide:
National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK(8255)
COP LINE (National Law Enforcement Hotline) :1-800-267-5463

Alachua County Crisis Center: 24/7 at 352-264-6789

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