Friday, July 28, 2017

Inmate sues St. Louis Sheriff's deputy alleging she was sexually assaulted in cell

Christopher Lee Jones, 50, a St. Louis City Sheriff's Deputy, allegedly had sex with an inmate at the St. Louis City Justice Center. Credit: SLMPD

ST. LOUIS MO July 28 2017  A woman is suing the St. Louis Sheriff’s Department, St. Louis City Division of Corrections and a deputy with the sheriff’s department claiming she was sexually assaulted while in a city jail.
The victim said she was an inmate at the Medium Security Institution when she was sexually assaulted by 50-year-old Christopher Lee Jones on April 20. An investigation conducted by the police department showed that Jones transported the victim to the St. Louis City Justice Center, where the alleged sexual contact occurred.
In the lawsuit, the victim claims Jones forced her into a private holding cell after she arrived at the Justice Center. After entering the cell, the victim said Jones informed her she didn’t have a court appearance but wanted to see her and that he had cooked her dinner as a birthday gift.
After eating dinner, the victim alleges Jones told her “[y]ou got yours, now where is mine,” and then sexually assaulted her.
When Jones heard another deputy walking down the hallway, he left the cell. The second deputy then handcuffed the victim in a holding cell with another female detainee.
Jones then uncuffed the victim from the other woman and took her back into the private holding cell, according to the victim. He then allegedly left the private cell after hearing another prison official.
After finding the victim in the cell alone, the prison official put her back in with the other female detainee and handcuffed them together.
The lawsuit states the allegations which took place were captured on the Justice Center’s closed circuit security camera.
The five-count lawsuit alleges civil rights violations, assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment.
Jones was previously charged with one count of sexual conduct with an inmate, a Class E felony, in relation to the case.


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