Thursday, June 1, 2017

Tallahassee Crossing guard retires after 28 years on same corner

Tallahassee FL June 1 2017 Leon County's last day of school was an emotional one for a Tallahassee crossing guard all the kids call "Grandma."
"Bye Bye! Have a good summer. Ya'll be good for the next crossing guard, okay?"
Rosa Pledge Flowers has been helping kids at Griffin Middle School cross the street for 28 years. She worked in the school cafeteria for years before that.
Pledge Flowers was flooded with hugs Tuesday as she held up the stop sign one last time at the corner of Alabama and Dade Streets. She's been there for families for two generations.
She's retiring now.
"I love my babies and I'm going to miss them. I gave them hugs and kisses, but no tears," Pledge Flowers said.
"No tears after 28 years?"
"No tears and I'm trying to hold them back now," she said.
Pledge Flowers was surprised by her family as she and her fellow crossing guards were recognized at the Tallahassee Police Department Tuesday afternoon.
She received a shadow box with her badge and whistle inside and a disc full of photos.
A sergeant telling her TPD has had her "under surveillance." taking plenty of pictures of her on the job as mementos.

She even helped our own Lanetra Bennett cross the street there "back in the day!"

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