Thursday, June 8, 2017

Survivors of Cameo nightclub shooting sue owner, operator for lack of security

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CINCINNATI KY June 8 2017  Some of the survivors of the Cameo nightclub shooting in Cincinnati have filed a lawsuit against the owners, operators and employees, claiming people who were armed were allowed in through an express and/or a secret back entrance.
Two people died in the March 26 shooting while 17 others were hurt. Eight of them are taking part in the lawsuit.
The lawsuit claims there were three entrances to the club on Kellogg Avenue. The regular and the express entrances in the front, as well as a "clandestine" entrance set up on the back of the business.
The suit claims that for higher entrance fees, people could get into the club with a limited security pat down at the express entrance and no security measures in the secret back entrance.
The lawsuit says the owners and operators were not only aware of the security risks of the club, it claims they were complicit.
The owners and operators are accused of failing to implement a proper security plan, hire enough security personnel, and to maintain a proper lookout for criminal activity.
The Cochran Firm is representing the shooting victims and is planning a news conference for Thursday. The family of O'Bryan Spikes filed a similar lawsuit in April.
Cornell Beckley is charged with murder, involuntary manslaughter and 30 counts of felonious assault. He's set to go on trial in November.
Police also identified Deondre Davis as a suspected shooter. He died from his injuries.

The Cameo nightclub closed a week after the shooting.

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