Monday, June 19, 2017

Security guard accidentally locked inside armored truck

The security guard was stuck inside the cash van for 45 minutes

London England June 19 2017 
A blundering security guard locked himself in his van for 45 minutes.
Shoppers raised the alarm when they heard his muffled shouting from inside.
The security guard was stuck inside the cash van for 45 minutes
The G4S guard could not be released due to an automated locking device on the cash van.
An alarm also went off, startling passers-by but the guard was stuck in the back for 45 minutes until colleagues arrived to free him.
The van was outside Fortnum & Mason’s store in central London. Some shoppers feared he was being held hostage.
A source said yesterday: “The alarm was going off and there was screaming.
“I thought someone had been kidnapped.
“An armed unit was on the scene in moments.
“It was very scary.”
Ten gun police surrounded the van, which had been making a cash delivery.
The source said: “Police were braced for a hostage scenario.
“The guard looked very sheepish when he finally emerged.”
G4S confirmed: “One of our couriers experienced a technical fault with their cash van.
“A member of the public mistakenly believed the vehicle was under attack and called police.”
G4S bosses admitted in 2015 it had lost the Government’s confidence after a string of blunders.
It was accused of bungling an Olympic contract.
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