Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Providence security officer stabbed during fight, theft incident

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. June 13 2017
Police are investigating the stabbing of a security officer and a second person during at the Waterplace Park over the week-end.
The park hosted the Waterfire art event.

The incident occurred at about 1 a.m. Sunday, long after the flames of WaterFire had been extinguished and the crowd had dissipated.
Major David Lapatin said a group of four or five people tried to take something from the park but they were spotted by security guards.
At that point, they attempted to walk away with it,” he said. “Security had stopped them, took the property back, and that ended that right there.”
Lapatin did not specify what the group was trying to take. He said they later returned to the park and a fight broke out between them and the security guards and a security officer was stabbed.
The police responded to a stabbing and found two persons with stab injuries.
Maj. David Lapatin said at a news conference Monday morning, that the injuries were non-life-threatening.
“We’ve identified all the parties,” Lapatin said, adding the investigation is ongoing. “No one has been charged yet.”
Charges could be filed soon however.
Lapatin also said people should not be worried about attending future WaterFire events.

“Do I feel it’s safe at WaterFire? Absolutely,” Lapatin said. No doubt in my mind. It’s very safe at WaterFire.”

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