Monday, June 5, 2017

NYC club bouncer arrested for critically injuring club goer

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New York City NY June 5 2017 A bouncer is facing criminal charges after a fight with a drunken patron tossed out of a Brooklyn bar left the bar goer clinging to life.
Cops say Eddie Suarez punched Jesus Cesa-Sanchez outside the Vaqueros bar on Myrtle Ave. near Linden St. in Bushwick about 3 a.m. May 28.
“When we take them out we don’t let them back in,” Suarez, 55, said Saturday. “He wanted to keep coming back in and we say no.”
Cesa-Sanchez, 34, was kicked out for being too drunk and punched and kicked Suarez when the bouncer wouldn’t let him back inside, police said. When Suarez punched him back, Cesa-Sanchez fell and hit his head.
 “I defended myself,” Suarez added. “He attacked me for no reason, all because I didn’t let him in.”
Medics took Cesa-Sanchez to Kings County Hospital where he lapsed into a coma. He’s in grave condition and may not survive, officials said.
“I’m feeling sad for that,” Suarez said. “When he leaned back he fell. He tripped.”
Suarez was arrested for misdemeanor assault.

A judge released him without bail after a brief arraignment Monday. Charges could be upgraded if Cesa-Sanchez dies, officials said.

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