Sunday, June 11, 2017

Men arrested with gun allegedly stolen from security guard more than a year ago

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Honolulu HI June 11 2017 It’s happened again.
A gun that belonged to a security company went missing and wound up in someone else’s hands.
This time, it wasn’t reported to police until nearly a year later.
We told you last week when a mother and her teenage son found a loaded gun in the parking lot of Kaneohe Shopping Center. We learned that the gun belonged to a guard at Security Armored Car Service, who didn’t report the gun missing until the next day.
The latest incident involves a guard from another security company, who says it was stolen in April 2016, but he didn’t report it until March 2017.
How and why did this happen?
The handgun in question is a Glock, and the guard who lost it tells KHON2 it was stolen from his company car outside his house. He says he was so scared about losing his job that he decided not to tell the company.
“I was blessed by my boss and his boss when they gave me this position, and all I can think about was how I was letting the company, the government, and my team down for reporting that this gun was missing,” he admitted. “Because of that, I panicked. I got scared and I didn’t report it.”
He says the company does an inventory of weapons every three months, but he was a captain, so he was the one in charge of doing the inventory, and was able to cover it up for nearly a year.
“I oversee the inventory when it’s recorded, so I was basically covering, saying it was accounted for, the gun,” he said.
“So they just take your word on it that all the guns are accounted for?” KHON2 asked.
“It’s my duty and responsibility, so I would have to say yes,” he said.
He says he finally decided to admit it had been stolen in March after his supervisor noticed it missing.
Last week, Honolulu police officers recovered the gun at Sandy Beach during a routine patrol. They arrested two men who had the gun inside their car.
According to a police report, the gun’s serial number has been scratched off, but there was another serial number that was still in tact.

The guard tells us he does not know the people arrested at Sandy Beach, but he’s just glad “that no one is being hurt, and no one is in danger. That’s, I’m telling you right now, I can sleep good.”

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