Tuesday, June 6, 2017

EU and TSA agree air cargo security partnership privateofficer.com

Washington DC June 6 2017 The European Commission and US Transportation Security Administration have announced an “unprecedented” air cargo security partnership between the TSA, the EU and Switzerland.
The agreement, which took effect on 1 June, sees the TSA and EU mutually recognising each other’s air cargo security procedures as being of an equivalent high standard – the first time the TSA has recognised a group of nations together rather than on an individual basis.
Transatlantic airfreight between the EU and US totals over a million tons a year in each direction – 20% of all outbound EU air cargo – according to 2010 figures cited by the TSA. The new security partnership enables freight to flow through the 27 EU Member States, the US and Switzerland under a single set of security rules.
"This agreement with the EU and Switzerland will ease the burden on industry and allow for the free movement of goods and commerce between our nations. It will also strengthen security by ensuring that we share information and work together towards our common interests," said TSA administrator John Pistole.

Siim Kallas, vice-president of the European Commission responsible for transportation, added: "With this mutual recognition of our comprehensive and solid regulatory frameworks we create significant savings and simplification for our freight transport industry while maintaining a high standard of security.”
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