Monday, June 19, 2017

Bradford Council deploys private security to enforce litter laws

Bradford England June 19 2017 Private security guards will soon be patrolling the streets of Bradford, doling out £80 fines to litterbugs and even those caught spitting in public.
Bradford Council is bringing in private firm 3GS in a bid to get tough on louts who drop cigarette butts or chewing gum, let their dogs foul pavements, or urinate or spit in the street.
The new ‘zero tolerance’ approach will also see littering fines increased from £75 to £80 and an early payment discount scrapped, with Bradford Council’s environment chief, Councillor Sarah Ferriby, warning it was “getting tougher on these offences”.
Cllr Ferriby, Bradford Council’s executive member for environment, sport and culture, said: “Littering and dog fouling offences continue to be a significant problem throughout the district and we have to do the best we can to tackle them.
“Using examples from other local authorities, we think that the most efficient way forward at this time is to employ 3GS enforcement officers.
“These proposals send a clear message that the Council is getting tougher on these offences.”
Until now, Council wardens have been responsible for handing out littering fines.
Under the new contract, 3GS will employ eight staff members in black Enforcement Officer uniforms seven days a week, beginning on July 17.
They will be based at City Hall and will focus on the city centre but may also patrol other litter hotspots across the district.

The firm already runs similar services in 12 other local authorities, including Leeds, according to a Council memo.

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