Friday, June 9, 2017

1 Dead, 2 shot at Ravenscroft Beauty College

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. June 9 2017 Ravenscroft Beauty College reopened Thursday, just three days after a gunman opened fire inside the school.
He injured two people and then killed himself, according to police.
The school will open at 11 a.m., according to school officials.
Tuesday, the day after Davion Brown came into Ravenscroft and opened fire, employees were still at a loss.
“Our biggest concern of not being there was are people that we know safe?” Toni Wisniewski asked.
They’d later find out the target was their co-worker and friend Patricia Hahn. Her friends, family and coworkers all said Brown had a violent history with Hahn and had threatened her. “Everybody knew who he was. When we knew it was Patricia it was hurt everybody knew who did it. She said that they were friends and that he wanted more but she always declined,” Nicole Garcia said.
They said that then led to threats and even schedule changes. Hahn moved to nights so she wouldn’t see Brown. The security guard is only there during the day. Brown shouldn’t have been there Monday night. Her mother also said the two never dated. Employees are upset they didn’t know Brown was a convicted felon. “I realize that in the world that we live in now unfortunately these things happen but I feel like maybe this could have been prevented,” Wisniewski said.
The close group of coworkers said they are now afraid to go back. “Everything today is extremely emotional. I mean relief that she is going to be okay because she does have six children at home but at the same time extremely heartbroken that people there that just wanted education and studying don’t feel safe. I feel like the school is responsible. I feel like they knew. I feel like they should have done something more to help her. I feel like it could have all been prevented,” Garcia said.


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