Thursday, May 4, 2017

Shelbyville police make arrests at casino for meth, counterfeiting

Arrests made at casino for meth, counterfeiting

Shelbyville IN. May 4 2017 Two women from Morgan County were arrested after Shelbyville police responded to a report at Indiana Grand Racing & Casino of two women sitting in a vehicle possibly smoking drugs early Monday morning on the fourth floor of the garage.
Victoria N. Hicks, 26, of Mooresville, was charged with possession of meth, counterfeiting, maintaining a common nuisance and possession of marijuana. Lauren T. Baumann, 22, of Martinsville, was charged with possession of meth, visiting a common nuisance and possession of a hypodermic syringe.
At around 2:15 a.m., casino security watched as a white truck arrived and it appeared there was a transaction between the occupants, according to a police report.
Hicks, Baumann and the male from the Ford Explorer truck were about to enter the casino when security staff stopped them.
When police arrived, they saw Hicks rubbing her chest as if something was in her shirt.
Hicks told police she was having problems with her Chevrolet Prism and called the male, who came to help them fix it. She smelled of burnt marijuana, according to police, but denied using drugs.
She consented to being searched and police did not find anything illegal.
Police then spoke with the male, who was later released and was not charged. He gave a similar explanation that Hicks had called because of vehicle trouble. He agreed to being searched and police found nothing illegal.
Baumann consented to being search and police found two syringes that appeared to have been used. One syringe had water in while the other had a white crystal substance. Baumann admitted the substance was methamphetamine after both women were detained, according to the report.
Hicks agreed to allow police to search the Chevy and they found several syringe caps and a hand rolled cigarette that looked and smelled like marijuana.
The male agreed to have his Ford searched and police found nothing illegal.
The two women were taken to the Shelby County Jail and while en route, Hicks admitted she had meth and marijuana on her person.
She handed two plastic bags, one with a green, leafy material and one a white, crystal substance, over to police after arriving at the jail.
The bag with the white crystal substance weighed 17 grams. The bag of marijuana weighed 1 gram. Both substances tested positive in a field test kit.
The possession of meth charge is a Level 4 felony, while the maintaining a common nuisance charge is a Level 6 felony. The possession of marijuana charge is a class B misdemeanor.
Jail staff later informed police that they believed the money in Hicks’ purse was counterfeit.
According to the police report, many of the bills had the same serial number, did not contain a security strip and did not react to the ink in a money maker. Police found she had 35 fake $20 bills.
The counterfeiting charge is a Level 6 felony.
Jail staff found one fake $20 bill in Baumann’s purse. She was not charged. The substances found in her purse field tested positive for methamphetamine.
Baumann remains in jail on a $1,005 bond. Hicks remains in jail with no bond given.
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