Monday, May 1, 2017

Horry County SC security officer involved in fatal shooting

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HORRY COUNTY, S.C. May 1 2017
A shooting at a Loris South Carolina nightclub involving a security officer and several armed patrons has left one man dead.
The Horry County Police Department is investigating the shooting but said no arrests have been made yet.
An officer responded to shots fired at P&R Club around 2:30 on Sunday morning. Upon arrival, several witnesses informed the officer multiple victims suffered gunshot wounds.
A club security officer told police that an argument between two individuals inside the club became violent and escalated as both went outside and the individuals began shooting at each other.
That’s when the security officer took action and discharged his weapon and the individuals got into a red Dodge Charger and a silver Nissan Altima.
The driver of the Charger and the security guard exchanged gunfire before the cars drove off.
Another witness confirmed the individuals were fighting about something that happened in the club.
The victims were transported to a local hospital.
At this time, the police department confirms one person has died from injuries related to the shooting.

This is an ongoing investigation. Police are not saying which shooter caused the death.

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