Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Detroit firefighters and EMTs to be issued body armor

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DETROIT MI May 10 2017 – Detroit firefighters and EMTs are now on a long list of responders around the world that will be equipped with body armor.
Detroit News reported that Fire Commissioner Eric Jones secured funding to outfit responders with the protective gear.
"The way things are going here in Detroit lately, I'm surprised no [fire department employees] have been shot," Commissioner Jones said. "My guys have to be safe out there."
Jones submitted a budget that included a $500,000 expenditure for body armor, according to the report.
"They're on the same scenes as the police officers and they face the same dangers," Jones said. "Many times when you arrive at a crime scene and you think the suspect has left but they haven't."
Jones said he hopes to have firefighters and EMTs in the protective gear in the next three months.

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