Friday, May 26, 2017

Birmingham security company put on probation after complaints about security at housing authority complexes

Source: WBRC video
BIRMINGHAM, AL May 26 2017
The Birmingham Housing Authority is putting a private security company on notice after complaints they aren’t properly protecting a public housing complex.
The Housing Authority is putting the company on probation for 30 days.
Among the crimes, earlier this month at the Collegeville public housing complex a 25-year-old man was gunned down after cops say he exchanged words with another man.
After that shooting, we started receiving calls from concerned residents about the security gate not working and the guards not checking IDs. You are supposed to show an ID to them to prove you live there.
Visitors are supposed to be on a list as well.
That apparently hasn’t been taking place. Residents say the private security company is letting everyone in.
“Starting Thursday we’re going to meet with our vendor, give them a 30-day probationary period to come up with a plan to increase security at our site and abide by existing policy. If that is not successful after 30 days we will take a different direction which could include hiring our own safety officials who will answer directly to our incoming director of public safety,” Joseph Bryant with the Birmingham Housing Authority said.
Incoming Director of Public Safety should be on the job in the next few weeks.
The Housing Authority says safety is its number one priority and they expect people who work for them to make it theirs as well.

The authority did not identify the security company.

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