Saturday, April 8, 2017

Tallulah LA. women charged with resisting police, shoplifting at Pecanland Mall

MONROE, La. April  8 2017 Latasha Williams and Annie McGowan, both of Tallulah, were arrested for theft after leading a Monroe Police Department officer on a foot chase through Pecanland Mall.
According to the affidavit, McGowan and Williams went to the shoe section of Dillards. McGowan opened a Dillard's bag, as Williams placed a purse and wallet inside. McGowan and Williams then started walking away.
Williams refused to stop for the officer. A backup officer tried to stop McGowan who began resisting, by pushing the officer away.
The report says the officer took McGowan to the ground, but she refused to put her hands behind her back. The officer used his stun gun twice on McGowan's right butt cheek to break her resistance and place her under arrest.
Another officer then began to chase Williams, who yelled "I ain't stole nothing" as she ran through the mall parking lot in front of the food court. Officers eventually placed her under arrest and took her to the mall's security office.
McGowan faces charges of criminal conspiracy, theft, resisting an officer, criminal trespass, possession of a controlled dangerous substance and misrepresentation for providing officers with a false name of Kimberly Williams. According to reports, McGowan was previously charged with shoplifting at Dillard's in 2016.
Williams faces charges of criminal conspiracy, theft and resisting an officer.

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