Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Shoplifters Plague Beachwood Place Mall

EACHWOOD, OH April 5 2017 - Shoplifting was the in vogue crime of the weekend, as police and mall security had frequent meet-ups to exchange suspected shoplifters. Read on for more information.
Shoplifting, March 31 - Police arrested an adult male for shoplifting from Dillard's, 26500 Cedar Rd. He attempted to pilfer a shirt valued at nearly $100. When police arrested the man, they also found marijuana on his person.
Marijuana Possession, April 1 - Police took custody of a man at Dillard's for marijuana possession. Officers found 6.81 grams of marijuana on the man. In a moment of benevolence, the officer cited the man for possession and then released him. The marijuana was seized and placed in Beachwood Police evidence.
Shoplifting, April 1 - Two girls were detained at H&M for attempting to shoplift merchandise. The duo tried to steal a $6.99 headband from the store. The store decided not to pursue charges and the two juveniles were released to their parents.
Shoplifting, April 2 - Store security detained a man for attempting to shoplift at Dillard's. The man allegedly tried to get away with about $170 of merchandise. Police arrived, arrested the man, and transported him to Beachwood Jail.

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