Sunday, April 2, 2017

Security Guards Pepper-Sprayed In Shoplifting Incident At Dadeland Mall

MIAMI FL April 2 2017 Several mall shoppers experienced the effects of pepper-spray after a woman allegedly tried helping a shoplifter escape custody from security guards at the Dadeland Mall.
It happened late Saturday afternoon inside the Macy’s department store.
Miami-Dade Police said after a man was taken into custody for shoplifting, a woman attempted to free him by pepper-spraying the guards holding him.
The store was soon evacuated as the self-defense spray permeated throughout, causing some people to feel sick.
According to South Florida radio talk show host, Andy Slater, witnesses said the incident happened in an elevator and the pepper-spray entered into the store’s ventilation system.

Police are now looking for the suspect, described as a black woman with dreadlocks, about 120 lbs. and between the age of 25 to 30.

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