Saturday, April 22, 2017

High School Security Officer Dies on Duty

WICHITA, Kan. April 21 2017 The Griffenstein-Wells alternative school in the Wichita school district has reported the death of a security officer.
A school spokesperson stated that Amos Alford died while on duty after a medical emergency.
Amos was also a coach with the Wichita East High School basketball program and was well respected and loved by students and staff.
Alford was the junior varsity coach of the Aces' junior varsity boys' basketball team. His son played for the East High freshman team and his daughter played for Derby.
He's remembered dearly by his former players.
"It's a lot of sadness. He touched a lot of people in the basketball community," Khalub Thompson says.

The school's principal, Darrin Ross, issued the following statement to parents Thursday evening.
... It is with great sadness to share the news that our security officer, Mr. Amos Alford, passed away this afternoon from a medical condition. Mr. Alford was a wonderful mentor and friend to our students and we will miss him dearly. Our deepest sympathies go to his family.
If parents want to keep their students home on Friday in order to grieve and process the sad news, they are welcome to do so and the absence will be excused. We will also have counselors available at school for anyone who needs to talk. When a tragic death occurs, it often helps a young person to talk about it. Sometimes a little extra time spent talking with your child can help them deal with the pain that accompanies the death of a someone they know.

Please call our office if you need assistance in dealing with this sad situation. Thank you for your continued support of Wells and Greiffenstein.

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