Wednesday, April 26, 2017

CVS security agent charged with sexual assaults of shoplifters

Brooklyn NY April 26 2017
For the second time in as many weeks a retail security officer is being accused of sexually assaulting at least one woman accused of shoplifting and holding her against her will.
Police were notified of an incident at the CVS in Brooklyn where the store security agent is accused of taking a suspected 28-year-old shoplifter into a back office, sexually abusing her, holding her against her will and forcing her to sign a "non-disclosure agreement" before he let her go, authorities say.
Jose Ramos, 29, faces charges of forcible touching, coercion and sex abuse in connection with the March 15 confrontation at the pharmacy on Ditmas Avenue in Kensington, police confirmed Tuesday.
According to police, the woman he accused of shoplifting reported the sex attack to authorities a day later. She told police Ramos threatened to call the cops if she didn't let him take photos of her genitals. She obliged out of fear, authorities say she told them.
Ramos also allegedly groped the woman in the back office before letting her go.
Police say he made the woman sign a "non-disclosure agreement" stating she would not tell anyone about what Ramos allegedly did to her. If she spoke to anyone of the abuse, Ramos would call the police, the "contract" allegedly said.
Cops found a piece of paper with that "non-disclosure agreement" when they searched Ramos' belongings.
During a search, police say that they also found similar contracts signed by other women. Authorities are now looking for those women, and say their investigation is active and ongoing.
CVS Pharmacy said that they sincerely apologize to the victims in this matter and we are cooperating fully with the NYPD's Special Victims Division in their investigation.
 "We have stringent policies and procedures to ensure that suspected shoplifters are treated lawfully and with respect," the statement continued. "Employees are not permitted to detain suspects unless they are accompanied by another colleague of the same gender as the suspect."
The company has said that Ramos has been suspended from his job and barred from the premises pending the outcome of the investigation.
Police said that additional charges could follow soon.
Just five days ago a loss prevention agent employed by H & M Apparel was arrested and charged with rape and kidnapping accused of holding female shoplifters at bay and against their will while he sexually assaulted them.

Shaun A. Ivy is still in police custody on multiple charges.

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