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Barry County Deputy Carl Cosper Killed By School Bus

Barry County Deputy Carl Cosper EOW 04/07/2017.
Washburn, MO April 8 2017– Barry County Sheriff’s Deputy Carl Cosper was killed Friday morning when his vehicle struck a school bus.
Deputy Carl Cosper, 56, was on his way to a domestic disturbance call at around 10:45 AM. While en route to the call, a Washburn School Bus made a left turn directly in front of his vehicle. The deputy’s vehicle struck the passenger side of the school bus. No children were on the bus at the time of the collision.
The Highway Patrol said that the initial impact wasn’t made at high speeds, it’s what happened next which likely killed the hero.
After the initial impact with the school bus, Deputy Cosper’s car continued off of the east side of the roadway, overturned, and ejected him. The hero was mortally wounded in the collision, and he later died at the hospital. Deputy Cosper was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the collision.
When officers anticipate the need to jump out of their vehicle quickly, many don’t wear their seat belts or they remove them early. Unfortunately, that practice may be a significant factor in roughly one-third of law enforcement fatal collisions, according to FBI statistics.
The bus driver, William Reeves, 60, said that he didn’t see it coming.
“I did the same today as I do every day. I come from home, pull up here, stop, look both ways. I seen nothing. I pull out as normal,” Reeves told KY3. “That noise. That’s it.”
Barry County Sheriff Gary Davis said,”Knowing what I know of Carl, he’s probably one of my safest drivers. And it just is a sad day in Barry County. The citizens of Barry County have lost an asset, in my opinion.”
Initial information indicates that the deputy’s emergency equipment was activated at the time of the collision.
There’s no word yet on if Reeves will be facing any charges for failing to yield to Deputy Cosper’s vehicle, but authorities day that he’s only likely to receive a non-criminal traffic ticket.

Deputy Carl Cosper was a 10 year veteran of the Barry County Sheriff’s Office. He was also a firearms instructor, training agent, and taught classes for people who wanted conceal-carry permits.
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