Tuesday, March 7, 2017

TSA Changes Pat Down Protocol privateofficer.com

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Washington DC March 7 2017 The next time you fly out of a U.S. airport, you could be under more scrutiny, all in the name of safety.  The Transportation Security Administration is changing how it handles pat-downs.
While most people are scanned in an imaging scanner, some travelers are pulled out of line and physically patted down by TSA agents.  Sometimes it’s because the scanner image doesn’t show a complete picture, sometimes it’s random.
The agency had about a half dozen different pat-down techniques to use for various situations.  Now they say they will opt for only one, a single, more invasive pat-down that may have agents putting their hands in places you may prefer they don’t.
TSA says it is responding to a study regarding the number of weapons that have slipped through airport security.
The agency scans some 2 million people a day at airports nationwide, but they do not keep track of the number of people pulled aside for pat-downs.

The do not expect the added scrutiny to cause airport security delays.

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