Saturday, March 11, 2017

Missouri private security running radar for towns

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Uplands Park MO March 11 2017 
Suspicious persons in unmarked civilian vehicles found running radar have many wondering who they are and why they’d be running radar in a community of less than 500.
A local FOX news station has said that they have determined that they are private security officers who are running a secretive speed enforcement operation in tiny Uplands Park and possibly other municipalities, according to an investigation by Fox 2 News, the Post-Dispatch's news partner.
But that leaves even more questions. Have they been trained and certified to operate the equipment and are they commissioned to issue speeding tickets and who are they contracted by.
The security officers, who are not police officers, are sitting in private vehicles in places such as an abandoned barbecue-restaurant parking lot on Natural Bridge Road, aiming their radar guns, photographing license plates and mailing tickets, Fox 2 found.
They say that this road leads to a major university ad is frequently used by commuters.
Uplands Park, in north St. Louis County, is currently patrolled by the St. Louis County Police Department.
Chief Jon Belmar told the TV station that he was not aware of the operation and said that it sounds like an unethical operation.
Additionally, tickets are being mailed to the owners of the vehicles and no traffic stops of speeders are being conducted.
Local news investigators and at least one law enforcement department are looking into this further.

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