Saturday, March 11, 2017

Man shoots at Federal Heights security officer but hits woman

FEDERAL HEIGHTS, Colo. March 11 2017 -- A woman was shot outside a Federal Heights bar overnight. Police say she was not the intended target.
The shooting happened around 2 a.m. at the VIP Sports Bar and Grill, located at 8980 Federal Boulevard.
A security guard told Denver7 that an intoxicated man tried to make his way back into the bar after being forced to leave. The man got angry when he was denied entry and pulled a gun out and fired at the security guard. The man missed the guard and hit a 29-year-old woman.
The woman’s condition is not known. Paramedics rushed her to the hospital after the shooting.
Police say they have a person of interest in custody.
The Federal Heights bar was the scene of a previous shooting in January. No one was injured, but five people were taken in for questioning.

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