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Man assaulted nurses, security guard at Sunbury Community Hospital privateofficer.com

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SUNBURY PA March 14 2017— A Northumberland man was arrested Sunday afternoon after Sunbury police said he ripped out his own IV and assaulted two nurses and a security guard at the Sunbury Community Hospital.
Cody Edinger, 31, of Northumberland, was arrested after officers said they were dispatched to the Sunbury Community Hospital, in Sunbury, at 11:24 a.m. because a patient was being disruptive.
Police spoke with Edinger and informed him he could not assault hospital staff or he would be arrested, according to court documents.
About two hours later police were called to return to the hospital after Edinger was throwing things and disrupting the hospital, police said.
When police arrived, they saw Edinger yelling, cursing, and swinging and striking nurses and aides, police said.
Edinger was involved in a fight with a security guard and as police were attempting to get closer to Edinger, both he and the security guard fell to the floor, police said.
Edinger began to punch the guard and kick at nurses nearby, police said.
Police said they observed Edinger did not have an IV which he previously had when officers first arrived two hours prior, police said.
When officers asked where his IV was, a nurse told the police “he ripped his IV out himself,” police said.
Officer Steve Mazzeo then attempted to take Edinger into custody yelling at him that he was under arrest, but Mazzeo said Edinger continued to fight with the police, nurses and the other hospital staff.
Mazzeo said he did not properly handcuff Edinger because Edinger was combative and continued to resist.
Officer Brad Slack arrived to help Mazzeo and the two officers were able to subdue Edinger but when the officers asked Edinger if he was done fighting, Edinger responded by telling the officers he was not, police said.
The security guard had injuries to his head, neck, chest and body, police said. One nurse injured her wrist and told police she had severe pain. Another nurse suffered a cut on her left hand, police said.
Hospital staff told police prior to officers arriving, Edinger allegedly began to throw his medical equipment down a hallway and that he also attempted to retrieve a fire extinguisher and use it against hospital staff, police said.
Edinger was charged with felony aggravated assault, misdemeanor simple assault, misdemeanor recklessly endangering another person and a misdemeanor disorderly conduct.
Edinger appeared before on-call Milton District Judge Mike Diehl and was sent to jail on $100,000 cash bail.
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