Sunday, March 26, 2017

Man arrested for gun, drug charges after Rite Aid security found him slumped over in car

MANCHESTER, NH March 26 2017– Police arrested Paul Channell, 26, of Tilton, on a series of drug and weapons charges early Saturday morning after a drug store security officer reported to police that a man was slumped over behind the wheel of a car that was lingering in the parking lot.
At approximately 1 a.m. on March 25 Officer Mark Aquino of the Manchester Police Traffic Enforcement Division was sent to check the condition of a driver slumped over the wheel of a black sedan in the parking lot of Rite Aid, 1631 Elm St.

Rite Aid security had observed the sedan with red temporary NH plates in their parking lot for some time. The man in the driver’s seat, later identified as Channell, kept hitting the brake while slumping over. The driver eventually moved the vehicle to another area of the parking lot as Officer Aquino arrived to speak with the security officer.
As he was doing this, the vehicle left the lot. Officer Aquino was able to follow, and stop the vehicle when the driver came to a stop in the middle of Elm Street near Salmon Street.
Officer Aquino noted that Channell was “acting strangely” and was reaching all around the front area of the vehicle.
He removed Channell from the vehicle. Channell was found to have a baggie of heroin and 2 hypodermic needles in his possession.
Additionally, Officer Aquino located a loaded .45 cal. Ruger handgun in the vehicle with the serial number filed off.

Channell, already a convicted felon, was charged with possession of controlled drug (felony); transporting drugs (misdemeanor); convicted felon (felony); and changing marks (misdemeanor). He was refused bail and will be arraigned at the 9th Circuit Court Manchester on Monday, March 27, 2017.
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