Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Ferguson MO. security officer shoots armed man

FERGUSON MO March 29 2017 A private security guard shot an armed man at the Canfield Green apartments here Tuesday evening, police said.
The apartment complex is the same one where Michael Brown was fatally shot by a police officer in August 2014.
Police Chief Delrish Moss said the incident apparently started about 6:40 p.m. when a man tried to scare a loose dog away from some children in the complex.
The man was confronted by the owner of the dog and the two men got into what Moss called a heated exchange. The dog owner had a handgun and pointed it at the man, the police chief said.
As those two men were arguing, the security guard came around the corner of a building in the complex and saw the exchange. He ordered the dog owner to drop his gun but the man refused to and continued to point it at the other man, Moss said.
That's when the guard shot the dog owner, he said.
Moss said he didn't know the specifics of the man's injuries, except that they were not life-threatening. He also didn't know how many shots were fired by the security guard. The scene was cleared and quiet by 8:20 p.m.
Moss said police are still interviewing witnesses and plan to interview the security guard, who works for a firm that patrols the complex.
Video posted on social media showed several officers treating a shooting victim who was lying in a parking lot with what appeared to be a wound to the abdomen. He was taken away by an ambulance.

A small crowd gathered outside the tape set up by police around the scene. Many of them recorded the aftermath and, at one point, several people got into a heated exchange with an officer investigating the shooting.

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