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Walmart employees arrested after Framingham theft

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FRAMINGHAM MA Feb 13 2017 – Two Walmart employees worked together to help each other steal electronics and other items from the store while they both worked, authorities said.
Police arrested Sebastian Erazo, 49, and Raul Rivera, 57, on Friday at 4 p.m. after an investigation.
According to a police report filed in Framingham District Court, Walmart's asset protection manager called police on Jan. 24 to report the thefts.
Both men worked as cashiers in the store. The two men would take turns ringing each other in, but instead of ringing the items in, they would void the item and they'd leave without paying.
Items stolen by the two men included tablets, Playstation game systems, controllers and a sofa cushion, police wrote in the report.
Between Nov. 25 and Jan. 13, the pair stole nearly $1,400 worth of items, police wrote.
"It is possible they had started prior to Nov. 25," police wrote.
Walmart security is still reviewing video and receipts to see if the two men had been conducting the scam prior to Nov. 25, police wrote.
Police charged both Erazo, of 48B Beaver Park Road, and Rivera, of 10 Greenview St., with larceny of more than $250 by a single scheme and conspiracy to commit a crime.

At the two men's Framingham District Court arraignments on Monday, Judge Jennifer Stark released them without bail. They are both due back in court next month for pretrial conferences.
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