Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Police investigate after security officer is assaulted

South Dunedin UK Feb 15 2017 Police are investigating after a security guard at South Dunedin's Ministry of Social Development service centre was assaulted yesterday.
Police were called to the office at the intersection of Hillside Rd and Rankeillor St about 1.30pm after the brother of a client of the ministry assaulted the security guard, a police spokeswoman said.
``Fortunately, the guard was not injured,'' she said.
Following the assault, the offender and his brother fled the office.
``It is not clear what, if anything, preceded the assault but inquiries are ongoing, and police are working to locate the alleged offender,'' the spokeswoman said.
A ministry spokesman said the service centre was placed on restricted access following the incident.
``The Ministry of Social Development's South Dunedin service centre was briefly placed on restricted access this afternoon following an incident involving a security guard and a member of the public,'' he said.
``Police have been notified, and the service centre has resumed business as usual.''

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