Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mom Says Daughter Was Sprayed With Suspected Semen At St. Vital Mall

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Winnipeg Canada Feb 25 2017 Winnipeg Police confirm their Sex Crimes Unit is investigating a disturbing incident at St. Vital Centre on Sunday.
Three girls, all in their early teens, say they were followed by a man through the mall after they were dropped off by one of the girl’s mother.
They say at one point the man, who appeared to be in his 40s, came up behind them and almost touched them. He was also apparently holding some sort of shiny cylinder and paper towel.
The mother of one of the girls, who 680 CJOB is not identifying, says the girls were forced to hide out in one of the stores.
“At that point my daughter reached up to scratch her back and she felt her back was covered in some sort of sticky wet liquid,” she said. “So she took off her sweater and her and friends looked at it and it was covered in a sticky white substance, which was now all over hands.”
The mom believes the substance is semen.
The girls went to the bathroom to clean off and told the mom when she came back to pick them up. The mom then immediately told security.
“Mall security phoned me back yesterday, they were taking the incident very seriously,” she said. “The managed to isolate the footage that this man had indeed followed them for quite some time.”
Winnipeg Police tell 680 CJOB they are taking the matter very seriously and hope to provide more information on Friday.

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