Sunday, February 5, 2017

Massive Search Conducted for Missing Security Officer

Moncks SC
Search and rescue and law enforcement personnel have conducted an exhaustive search since Wednesday night for a security officer that has gone missing while on duty at the Santee Cooper power plant.
Police say that 55-year-old Michael Curry is a security lieutenant at the plant and that he was last seen on duty and they do not know what happened.
Curry has worked at the Jefferies Hydroelectric Station for 15 years, said Rory Avant, chief of the Santee Cooper Law Enforcement Division. He was a contract employee with the Columbia-based firm Security Management.
Curry missed a radio check around 6:45 p.m., Avant said. When facility personnel couldn't find him, they contacted the Sheriff's Office. He was last seen in person at 5:47 p.m. and spoke to a family member over the phone at 5:59 p.m.
Curry knew the area and was a dependable employee, the chief said. It was out of character for him to be missing.
He is married and has grown children, Avant said.
Berkeley County Rescue Chief Bill Salisbury said Friday night the search has now been called off after searching a wide area of land and several bodies of water.
Salisbury said there has been tremendous coordination of efforts between the Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement, SLED, the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office, volunteers and his agency in the two day search.
"After having divers check the turbines and surrounding waterways alongside of the hydroelectric dam, the recovery effort has been discontinued pending further developments," Salisbury said.
Earlier in the day, groups of workers and volunteers conducted field searches over about 80 acres of property surrounding the Jefferies Hydroelectric Plant.
"At this point, we don't know what's happened," Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis.
"We've had multiple agencies searching around the clock since the disappearance of Officer Curry.
Divers, air support, bloodhounds and search and rescue ground crews have been going nonstop in hopes that we would find Officer Curry alive and that has not happened.

There were no signs of a struggle and right now his disappearance is still under investigation.

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