Friday, February 10, 2017

Great Lakes Crossing Mall security officers save woman's life

Auburn hills MI Feb 10 2017 A picture shows how close it was. A woman on standing on I-75 seemingly prepared to take her own life.
That's exactly how the call came into Auburn Hills Police.
"Our goal in a situation like that is to get the person help," said Lt. Casimir Miarka.
Without hesitation, police were on their way, knowing time was not on their side. But luckily, there were two security officers from Great Lakes Crossing Mall. They were a lot closer to the situation and willing to step up to save a life.
By the time Auburn Hills Police arrived at the scene, the security officers were talking with the woman as she continued to dart in and out of oncoming traffic. The time to act in this case was running out.
A picture shows the efforts those guards went to prevent a tragedy.
According to police, the woman was struggling to break free, but the Good Samaritans were not willing to let it happen.
"Any time you have the efforts of a citizen willing to put their life in harm’s way to help someone else - that is an outstanding thing," said Lt. Miarka.
The last picture shows the relief, and overwhelming emotion that came from their lifesaving efforts. The police chief calls the two men heroes for what they did.
Those who wear the badge say this just illustrates what can happen in an instant, and why training for these situations is so crucial.

"We're always training for the 'what ifs'. When we train we think 'What would happen here?'  Now we can go back and train to be better."

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