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Four Arrested at Perkins Casino on Drug-Related Allegations

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Perkins OK Feb 12 2017 Four out-of-town residents were recently arrested on drug-related allegations two days apart in a parking lot at the Cimarron Casino, according to Perkins Police Department records.
Christopher Lewis Hand, 30, of Choctaw, was charged with possessing methamphetamine and a firearm, both after a former felony conviction, as well as driving on a suspended license and having drug paraphernalia, all in Payne County on Jan. 27.
Hand had previously been convicted of concealing stolen property in 2006 in Canadian County and placed on five years’ probation.
In his Perkins case, Hand was jailed on $25,000 bail, with an order to appear before a Payne County judge this week, court records show. If convicted of all of his charges, Hand could be sentenced to life in prison plus 12 years, court records show.
His passenger, Savannah April Heath, 26, of Edmond, was charged with possessing a glass marijuana smoking pipe in Payne County on Jan. 27. She remains free on a personal recognizance bond on the misdemeanor with an order to appear in court on March 1, court records show. If convicted, Heath could be given a one-year jail term.
Both were taken into custody by Perkins Police Lt. Jason Galt following a traffic stop at 2:51 a.m. on Jan. 27, according to his affidavit.
“I advised him (Hand) his license was suspended and he was under arrest,” Galt wrote in his affidavit.
Asked if he had any weapons on him, Hand said he had a knife by his left pocket that was underneath his coveralls, Galt alleged in his affidavit.
“Mr. Hand stated the ‘Outlaws’ were after him…I asked him if he was part of a motorcycle group. Mr. Hand said he was a former member of the Hell’s Angels and they wanted him to remove his tattoo.
“I told Mr. Hand I knew it was difficult to quit the Hell’s Angels. Mr. Hand said he really didn’t get out; he just left and hasn’t talked to anyone,” Galt alleged in his affidavit.
Iowa Tribe Officer Kevin Roe, who arrived to assist, said that Casino Security Lt. Wesley Castor “had observed what appeared to be pieces of a glass smoking pipe on the ground next to the passenger side of the vehicle,” the affidavit alleged.
“Ms. Heath admitted she had thrown it out at the direction of Mr. Hand while they were driving through the parking lot. Mr. Hand had allegedly told her that his buddy had left some stuff in the car and she needed to get rid of it,” the affidavit alleged.
During an inventory of the vehicle, the Perkins police lieutenant found under the passenger front-seat a tin containing a substance that tested as marijuana and a partially-smoked cigar, the affidavit alleged.
“Sitting on the back seat floorboard of the vehicle, covered by a jacket, I observed a semi-automatic handgun,” that had been reported as stolen to the Moore Police Department, the Perkins police lieutenant alleged in his affidavit.
The Perkins officer also found a container between the front passenger seat and the console that had a small baggy with a substance that tested as methamphetamine and a glass smoking device containing a white powdery residue, the affidavit alleged.
Two days later, in a separate case, Katrina Marie Guynes, 47, of Oklahoma City, was arrested by Perkins Police Officer George Hannon in the casino parking about 1 p.m. on Jan. 29, and subsequently charged with drug possession. Guynes was arraigned on the felony charge carrying a maximum five-year prison term on conviction and released on $4,000 bond with an order to appear in court March 6.
Her female passenger was arrested on a complaint of drug possession without a prescription, but no charges had been filed against her by Monday afternoon, court records show.
The Perkins police officer was sent to the Cimarron Casino’s south parking lot at 1:04 p.m. on Jan. 29 on a report of an argument, according to his affidavit.
“Security also told me they had been watching these individuals because they made several trips to their vehicle while at the casino,” the Perkins officer wrote in his affidavit.
Before the officer could introduce himself, a man, who was not charged, “told me everything was fine,” the affidavit said. He said “they had an argument about a previous woman he dated,” the affidavit said.
While the officer was waiting for information from a dispatcher, “I explained that I was told they came out to the car several times during the time they were here at the casino. I explained that this behavior is usually associated with drug use,” Hannon wrote in his affidavit.
“The female driver told me that they don’t do drugs. She told me that I could search the vehicle if I wanted to,” Hannon alleged in his affidavit.
A female passenger from Coyle, who was arrested but has not been charged according to court records, had put a gray bag containing a pill bottle on the trunk, the affidavit alleged. “Without me asking any questions, she told me that she had prescriptions for each of the pills, but not on her,” Hannon wrote in his affidavit.
In a search of the vehicle, Hannon found in the front passenger seat Guynes’ purse containing a pill bottle with four types of pills, one of which was identified as Oxycodone, the affidavit alleged.

“Without me asking any questions, Katrina (Guynes) told me the pills belong to her husband…I told her that because the pills were not prescribed to her that she was in possession of a schedule II drug without a prescription. I told Katrina that she was being placed under arrest for possession of CDS,” Hannon wrote in his affidavit.

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