Sunday, February 19, 2017

Armed Robbery At Two Mobile Walmarts, 2 Arrested

walmart-perp-walk19-year-old Raquel Cunningham is charged with robbery first degree and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Mobile AL Feb 19 2017 The Mobile Police Department arrested a man and woman Friday morning after two robberies at separate Walmarts in the Mobile area.
24-year-old Jamie Grimes and 19-year-old Raquel Cunningham were arrested after robberies at the Walmart on Schillingers Road and the store on the I-65 Service Road.
According to police, the robbery at the Schillingers Road Walmart occurred first. Grimes and Cunningham walked into the store, filled a shopping cart full of goods, and walked out of the store. They threatened employees who questioned their actions.
When they got into the car, the passenger in the car shot towards the occupied business and struck the glass.
Later Friday morning, another robbery was reported at the Walmart on I-65 Service Road. Grimes and Cunningham once again filled a shopping cart full of goods and attempted to walk out of the store. This time, they were stopped by Walmart employees and Cunningham proceeded to pull his handgun and threaten the employees.
After they left the store, authorities were able to get a vehicle description and put out information to locate them.
A short time later both Grimes and Cunningham were in custody and on their way to Mobile Metro Jail.

Grimes is charged with shooting into an occupied business and Cunningham is charged with robbery first degree.

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