Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wayne NJ police charge shoplifter with robbery-assault privateofficer.com

WAYNE, N.J. Jan 24 2017— A man reportedly stole a coffee maker and assaulted a store security guard while fleeing Macy's Saturday afternoon.
Luca Ferrigno, 47, of Elmwood Park, allegedly beat a Macy's security guard in the face and head after he tried to stop Ferrigno from stealing a Breville coffee maker from the store, said Detective Capt. Laurence Martin.
Detective Sgt. James Celentano was in the area when he saw Ferrigno and recognized him from prior arrests and convictions for stealing credit cards and other items from gym members' lockers and vehicles, the captain said.
Ferrigno told Celentano that he just left Macy's, but could not explain why he was profusely sweating and nervous, Martin said.
The assault victim identified Ferrigno as the person who stole the coffee maker and assaulted him, Martin said.

Ferrigno was charged with robbery and released from custody pending future court dates, police said.

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