Monday, January 16, 2017

Toe sucking suspect arrested at Ohio mall

TOLEDO OH Jan 16 2017 "She remained frozen in complete shock and silence, her mind racing."
That's how Melissa Portala describes her daughter's reaction after she says a man she did not know put her foot in his mouth.
Toledo Police say it happened December 21, 2016, at a store inside the Franklin Park Mall.
Portala's 18-year-old daughter was at work when she says a shopper asked her to take off her shoe so he could take a closer look at it.
"At that point, he dropped to his knees, grabbed her foot and began to suck on her toes and put as much of her foot in his mouth as he could," explains Portala.
The police report goes on to describe what happened next:
“After the suspect finished slurping on the victim's toes, he stood up, kissed her on her cheek and told her “I'll be back later,” as the victim stood there in a frightened daze.”
Officers later arrested Joseph Leondre Jones, 29, of Toledo.
Jones is facing a misdemeanor charge of Sexual Imposition and he's out on bail.
That does not sit well with Portala.
She decided to take matters into her own hands and, this week, started handing out homemade flyers to store managers at the mall.
Portala was stopped by mall security.
"Well," Portala says, "I facetiously said to the mall security guard, 'Well, you're going to have to arrest me to stop me.'"
And they did.
Portala herself is now facing a charge of Criminal Trespassing.
The Franklin Park Mall released this statement to 13abc:
"Franklin Park Mall is aware of the incident and continues to support and cooperate with the authorities."
Meantime, Toledo Police are now looking into a similar incident last weekend at the nearby Kroger on Monroe Street.
A man there allegedly asked a woman to take off her shoes, then inappropriately touched her.
Portala says she wants to warn women in the area.
"This happened to my daughter, and I'm not going to sit back and do nothing while it happens to someone else's daughter," continues Portala, who runs the performance charity "Art From The Heart," which raises funds to help victims of sexual assault.

She's now preparing for her organization's first charity fundraiser and her next court appearance. Both will be in the coming weeks.
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