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Terryville CT woman charged with assaylting nurse-security officer privateofficer.com

Bristol Hospital

BRISTOL CT Jan 24 2017— A Terryville woman has been arrested after allegedly assaulting a nurse and a security guard at Bristol Hospital last month.
Kimberly Bishop-Caperton, 45, is accused of kicking a security guard twice in the chest and a nurse once in the arm on Dec. 25, according to the arrest warrant in the case. She had been admitted to the hospital after she was involved in a motor vehicle accident, and because police believed she may have had intentions of hurting herself, the document continued.
Bishop-Caperton was not charged in the case until Jan. 12, when she was released on a $2,500 non-surety bond and told to go to Bristol Superior Court on Monday. Her case was continued to March 1 without any pleas.
According to the warrant, police were called Dec. 25 at about 11:23 p.m. to Bristol Hospital on the report of an assault. One of the complainants, a security guard, told officers he was stationed in Bishop-Caperton’s room because she had been disruptive during the evening and was refusing treatment. At one point, a doctor told her she would be administered medication and she agreed to cooperate, according to the warrant.
But when a nurse went to give Bishop-Caperton an injection, she tried to pull away from the nursing staff and kicked the security guard in the chest twice, according to the warrant. She also kicked a nurse in the arm, police allege. Neither victim sustained serious injuries, according to police.
Both complainants wished to press charges.

Bishop-Caperton is facing two counts each of assault on a peace officer or medical personnel and second-degree breach of peace.
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