Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Taco Bell manager arrested after threatening man with gun privateofficer.com

Little Rock AR Jan 3 2016 Two Little Rock men were arrested Saturday after an argument at a Taco Bell led one of the men, a manager at the restaurant, to fire his gun and point it at the other, according to a police report.
Authorities said 28-year-old Antonio Goodloe showed up intoxicated at a Taco Bell at 719 S. Broadway around 10:15 p.m. and started "causing a disturbance" inside the business, officer Jordan White wrote in a report.
Goodloe then went outside, but the shift manager, 26-year-old Carnell Davis, followed him, and the two men starting arguing, White wrote. Davis then pulled out a gun and fired a single shot before pointing it at Goodloe, officials said.
An officer saw this and intervened before the situation escalated any further, White wrote.
Goodloe was holding a small amount of marijuana during the incident, White noted.

Both men were arrested. Davis faces a count of aggravated assault. Goodloe faces charges of public intoxication and marijuana possession.

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