Friday, January 20, 2017

Stun guns would be allowed on Kansas public college campuses under policy change

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Kansas Jan 20 2017 Stun guns would be allowed on public college campuses in Kansas under a policy change made this week by the Kansas Board of Regents.
A state law allowing guns at public universities in Kansas is set to go into effect July 1. But lawmakers are considering new legislation that could prevent that from happening.
While the regents wait for the outcome of the legislation, members this week made some tweaks to their statewide campus carry policy.
Changes to the regents’ policy came after the six universities it governs submitted individual campus rules for dealing with concealed firearms on their campuses.
The regents’ changes now would permit people to possess a stun gun on campus.
Initially, the statewide policy — which prohibited the possession of weapons other than concealed handguns — included BB guns, pellet guns, air/CO2 guns, stun guns or blow guns, any explosive, incendiary and poison gas. Prohibited, among other weapons, were those that shot a projectile of some type.
But regents learned that Tasers, not stun guns, shoot projectiles. The board considers a stun gun a self-security tool rather than a weapon.
Another change in the policy was made to accommodate people who are legally carrying a concealed handgun but may not have a car on campus. The change permits storage in other secure places on campus, such as a person’s office.
Such storage locations would prevent gun carriers from needing to return to a car or run home to store a weapon if at some point during the day they need to enter a location on campus where firearms are not permitted, said Breeze Richardson, board of regents spokeswoman.
The change in the statewide policy, Richardson said, “authorizes a university to allow such storage but does not require them to do so. It will be up to each university.”
As the state law stands, the only way to prevent anyone from having a concealed firearm in a university building come July would be to install security measures and security staff at building entrances, which for the most part university officials have said would be cost prohibitive.
While the board of regents is following through with policies that would implement Kansas concealed-carry law, members are monitoring the newly introduced legislation that would allow universities to choose whether to allow faculty, students and visitors to carry a concealed handgun on campus.
Georgia passed a law last year allowing stun guns to be carried on campus.

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