Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Shoplifter pulls knife on Boston Store security agent

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MADISON, Wis. Jan 4 2017- A security guard at East Towne Boston Store had a knife pulled on him, as he tried to stop a pair of shoplifters Monday evening.
Police say a man and woman left a retailer with about $500 worth of stolen clothing. The woman dropped the merchandise and ran away after being confronted. The security guard then tried to detain her accomplice, but had to let the man go after he pulled a switchblade.
The security guard says the man swung the knife and believes it came within inches of hitting his throat. The victim was not injured and the couple fled in a SUV.

The male suspect is described as white with a bald or shaved head. He was last seen wearing a green army jacket over a green hoodie and black pants.
The female suspect is described as white with long blonde hair. She was last seen wearing a wool peacoat and blue jeans.

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