Sunday, January 1, 2017

Shoplifter bites several Macy's loss prevention agents

Hat Thief Bit 1 Security Guard’s Hand, Punched Another in the Face: Cops

JOLIET, IL Jan 1 2017— A hat thief caught red-handed at the Macy’s in the Louis mall bit cuffled with two security guards, police said, biting one on the hand and punching the other in the face.
When it was all over, 23-year-old Nico Joy was taken into custody by the cops, police said, but then complained of feeling unwell and having trouble breathing.
Joy made a stop at Presence St. Joseph Medical Center before he was taken to the Will County jail.
Joy got caught filching a pair of Polo winter hats from Macy’s shortly after 2:30 p.m. Thursday, police said.
He struggled with a store security guard and tried to make a run for it, police said, but a mall security guard stepped in and Joy was trapped.
That’s when Joy bit the 25-year-old store security guard’s hand and punched the mall security guard in the face, police said.

Unlike Joy, neither of the security guards went to the hospital.

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