Sunday, January 1, 2017

Serial shoplifter arrested in Nashville after leaving purse behind

Police: Serial East Nashville Shoplifter Hoist on Her Own Petard

NASHVILLE, TN Jan 1 2017— A woman accused in a series of thefts was finally arrested by Metro Police after allegedly leaving her purse and driver's license behind after her most recent escapade.
Police arrested 34-year-old Jamie Callis Wednesday on charges she threatened to shoot an employee at the Gallatin Pike Walmart.
According to an affidavit, Callis was inside the store December 5 and was seen by an employee putting merchandise in her purse. She had been caught shoplifting from that same Walmart at least two other times, police said.
When Callis started to leave, the employee stopped her and was taking her back to the store office. Callis attempted to flee, dropped her purse and yelled "I have a gun and I'll shoot you," before reaching into her pocket. The employee let Callis go, fearing for his safety. As Callis fled, however, she forgot her purse, which included the allegedly stolen merchandise and her driver's license.

Callis, who has multiple charges of aggravated robbery and aggravated burglary dating back more than 15 years, is charged with theft, trespass and assault.

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